Friday, February 11, 2011


A leadership course that is respectfully organized by Perkhimatan Bimbingan & Kaunseling Dan Lembaga Pengawas of SMKDPT on 22th January 2011 (Saturday) around 7.30am till 5pm and the venue is Dewan Penggawa, SMKDPT. The main aim of the course is to implant the willpower and confident among the prefect through out their task fulfillment and their responsibility as a leader.
Objective of the course :
  • To improve general knowledge and and create an awareness in each of the prefect about their character as a prefect and their duty ethics .
  • To build a strong confident level and their ability on making a rational decision in any critical moment.
In making this event more beneficial the school had specially invited two professional speaker as weel as consultant from ProQuest, En. Zulhilmi and En. Aziz to carry on the course. And the course had successfully moved on with the help of our respectful Principle of SMKDPT , and the rest of our school authority members.

List of activity :
  • Modul 1~ Team building & Creativity
  • Modul 2~ Ability on Making Decision
  • Modul 3~ Communication management & Speech Giving
  • Modul 4~ Stress & Self Management

Friday, June 4, 2010


Welcome to the Prefectorial Board of SMK Dato' Penggawa Timur's blog.

Following the theme that we espouse in our blog
" Discipline is key to success and basis of leadership"
that we can all develop skills
that apply both at school
and in our personal lives,
we would like to dedicate this blog
to the prefects who helped the school in many ways,
and to our beloved teachers
who awe inspired us everyday
about the value of discipline and leadership quality in a
meaningful life.
The blog took a very long row to hoe but somehow was successfully created on 02/06/2010.
Globalization is an on-going process by which the constraints of geography recede, social and cultural relations acquire distance less and border less qualities and the world becomes a single place. Our day-to-day activities are influenced by the happening in the other parts of the world. So it is indisputable that, with this blog we could form a very strong bond with the rapidly growing world by leaps and bounds.
This blog shares about the upcoming activities, updated latest news and also the report of the past activities of Prefectorial Board with exclusive photos and videos. Therefore, we promise that our blog will be updated from time to time with fresh news. So whenever you visits '', for sure you will be served with latest information. You also can find out more info about the members of the board in just a click. We have included the photos of prefects' teachers and the member of the board's as well. So it is obvious that with this blog people can be knowledgeable about all the latest information of Prefectorial Board.
Prefects are like "mini celebrities" in school. All eye on them. So please feel free to share a penny of your thought by posting us comments. No matters, you are just an ordinary students, teachers or even prefects itself..,all of you are most welcomed to comment on our photos, videos and posts. Please do not leave any negative comments at a drop of a dime. Look before you leap. It may bring a massive disgrace to the Prefectorial Board and also our school's reputation and dignity when third parties have a glanced at our comments. In line with that, those who are sending comments are advised to establish their own bona fides when posting a comments on our photos, videos and etc. We show our gratitude for those who exhibit great magnanimity towards us by sending us comments which polished up the Prefectorial Board to a better stage.
Thank You.......................
*This blog was created by Soon Chong Hong, Shim Ka Lok and Sarvind Kumar